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Michael Catholic Church road , Asata and the extension of the Timbershade-Lomalinda Estate road (phase one) to Ugwuaji to serve as another gateway to Enugu from Port Harcourt expressway as well as ensure free flow of traffic.
From Table 2 and Figure 3, it is worthy to observe that major centres with the smallest mean passenger walking distances in the city include New Heaven (253 metres), Ogui Junction 271 metres), Relief Market (281.80 metres), Asata (290.82 metres), City layout 292.59 metres), Camp Colliery (296 metres), Government Secretariat (297.24 metres) and Old Park 300.64 metres).
Former So Solid singer Lisa, 24, who managed to persuade schoolgirl Asata to return home earlier this month, looked sensational in the black slip of a dress that showed off her Kylie-sized figure to perfection.
Asata,a fan of rap band So Solid Crew, went missing from her aunt's home in Woodford Green,Essex,last Monday.
Supt Bryan Horsley said: ``We have no evidence to suggest Asata has come to harm but obviously a missing 13-year- old girl is of great concern to us.''
"Before mobile telephones, transport was our only means of communicating with business associates," explains Hajia Asata, a market trader in Kumasi, about 200km north of Accra.
The November 03 son of Top Honcho and Asata Sana demonstrated that he is every bit as good as his trials had suggested when scorching to a 28.65sec debut win in the first round of this E5,000 to the winner feature.
At Aitareyabrahmana 2.2.19 = 8.1, Kavasa Ailusa is the son of a brahman and a dasi, and is berated for it by the rsis: rsayo vai sarasvatyam sattram asata. te kavatam ailusam somad anayan: dasyah putrah kitavo 'brahmanah katham no madhye 'diksisteti.
44 The poet of RV 1.20.2 locates the success of the Rbhus, who are both divine mastercraftsmen and priests, in their control of the tools of thought and speech: yd indraya vacoyuja, tataksur manasa hari, samibhir yajnam asata "Who by their thinking fashioned the two bay horses, yoked to speech, for Indra, they attained the sacrifice through their ritual labors." Cf.
Although it is advertised as "the first part of Gyorgy Konrad's roman-fleuve" (rege-nyfolyam), Falevelek szelben (Asatas I) (Leaves in the Wind [Excavation I]) is not really a novel.