ASAUKAfrican Studies Association of the United Kingdom
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Beinart, `Strategies of the poor and some problems of land reform in the Eastern Cape, South Africa', paper presented to the ASAUK Biennial Conference, University of Bristol, 9-11 September 1996.
This article was presented at the Cadbury Conference on Social Class (University of Birmingham, May 2014), at the biannual conference of the ASAUK (University of Sussex, September 2014) and during a seminar at ISP-Kikwit (February 2015).
Keay, `Change in African Vegetation', ASAUK Presidential Address, African Research and Documentation, 1 (1973), pp.
Full fee [pound]30 ([pound]28 to members of The RAS and ASAUK).
By 1968, according to statistics provided by the Historical Association, courses in African history were already on offer at undergraduate level in 19 out of 40 universities - the same number of universities, incidentally, as offered African history courses in 1990.(3) Our own African Studies Association (ASAUK) was a product of the strategic planning of those days, founded in 1963 to provide a means for the interchange of ideas and information on African studies throughout the higher education system and in consequence involving scholars in polytechnics, several of whom were now actively involved in teaching and research on Africa.
ASAUK is convening a one-day conference in |Gender and Structural Adjustment' in September 1993 (date unspecified).