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ASAVAmerican-Shagya Arabian Verband (horse breeding association)
ASAVAssociazione Seriatese Arti Visive (Italian visual arts association)
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ASAV, with the support of the Government of Brazil, will provide the beneficiaries with assistance for one year, including accommodation, legal and psychosocial assistance, guidance for accessing public services and policies and facilitating activities for inclusion in the labour market.
"Teaming up with Huron Legal was a natural progression to provide clients with an offering of litigation management services in times of need, and to provide a one-stop option for clients wanting to tie e-discovery services to our litigation and evidence management tool," added Asav.
Napisanie prispevku bolo podporene Vedeckou grantovou agenturou MSVVaS SR aSAV: VEGA 1/0127/11 Priestorova distribucia chudoby v EU a VEGA 2/0004/12 Paradigmy buducich zmien v 21.
(14.) Referring to the passage died above, yah sukhi Ramah asav ayam iti, where the thesis of a simple identification, devoid of doubt, etc., of the actor with his role was put forth.
The group, comprising three families, was welcomed at the Salgado Filho Airport in the city of Porto Alegre by representatives from the National Committee for Refugees (CONARE, in Portuguese) of the Government of Brazil, IOM and UNHCR, as well as members of Associao Antonio Vieira (ASAV), the civil society organization selected by the Ministry of Justice to implement the resettlement programme.
Hosted by Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV), a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association, the FASAVA Congress is for veterinarians in the Asia Pacific region who predominantly treat pets.
This consultation concerns work supplied located on the ports of the Seine Aval agency (ASAV) and agency Seine Upstream (ASAM).
concerning this consultation work supplied located on the ports of the agency Seine Aval (ASAV) and agency Seine Upstream) (Asam.