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'Under this Sh1.4 billion, we have allocated Sh10 million for each health centre for upgrading and we target Emuhaya Hospital in Luanda, Emusire Hospital in Emuhaya, Lianagiga Hospital in Vihiga, Sabatia Hospital in Sabatia and Hamisi Hospital in Hamisi,' said Asava.
Asava said due to this the assembly has allocated Sh593.68 million for its functions, renovation and equipping it with proper gadgets.
'We are just struggling to fix all departments and all projects to active in this 2019/2020 budget, so even if your docket gets a small share just understand the situation we are in,' Asava pleaded with MCAs.
class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-permalink= Asava Group also featured Gray on its Instagram account as she graced the Thai night and posed with her elegant look.
(65) Sariputta's attainment of fully awakening is described in terms of his being free from the asavas in MN 74 at MN I 501,5 (cf.
(66) References to bhikkhunis mentioned by name and qualified as being free from the asavas can be found, for example, in Thi 4 (Tissa), Thi 126 (Canda), Thi 181 (Uttara), Thi 336f (Sundari), Thi 364 (Subha Kammaradhita), and Thi 389 (Subha Jivakambavanika); leaving aside Thi 121, where the same is used in relation to thirty unnamed bhikkhunis.
(41) MN 146 at MN III 275,22 states that the bojjhangas should be developed in dependence on seclusion, dispassion and cessation, leading to relinquishment, in order to attain liberation from the influxes (asava); a specification not made in the corresponding passage in T 1442 at T XXIII 793b29 and D 'dul ba, ja 57a3 or Q 'dul ba, nye 54a6.
Ayurvedic medicines include arishtas (fermented decoctions) and asavas (fermented infusions), and these are considered as unique and valuable preparations for treatment (Dhiman, 2004).
Traditionally fermented biomedicines, arishtas and asavas from Ayurveda.
(34.) Of course, only the Arahat is wholly free of the deep-seated asavas (taints or cankers): attachment to sense-pleasures, attachment to existence, fixed views, and spiritual ignorance.