ASAWAustralian Science at Work
ASAWAssociation for Spirit at Work (now International Center for Spirit at Work)
ASAWAstronomical Society of Albury Wodonga (Australia)
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AGIANFRANCO ZOLA GIANFRANCO ZOLA saw his Serie Asaw his Serie A coaching career get off to a miserable start when his Cagliari side were thumped 5-0 at Palermo.
au[??] [eta][??]na: me kataw ne asaw piaw[??] yes TR+recall 3s say 3s if thus taw k[??]tiy tau[??] naday [??]mbi[??]h [eta]umb[??] aku la Ipi how know NEG 2s TR+follow 1s EMPH libouw [??]mbi[??]h naday tau[??] nundo[??] later 2s NEG know TR+follow aku tau[??] kini [??]mbiy[??]h kiaw[??] akuw [??]am me teh Is know to where 2s *** 1s 3s EMPHPRT that b[??]pupu[??]hpu[??] MD+chase+RED b[??]pupu[??]hpu[??]h kiaw[??] ne mupu[??]h lakiy ne [??]o[??] teh MD+chase+RED to there 3 s TR+chase husband 3s 3s that lamamba: bulan lamamba: L.
These make him reassess his values and investigate his conduct: le-pashpesh bema 'asaw echoing the Talmudic (rather than Ptolemaic) dictum (TB Ber.