ASBEAlliance for Sustainable Built Environments
ASBEAmerican Society of Body Engineers (Flint, MI)
ASBEArgyros School of Business and Economics (Orange, CA)
ASBEAssociation for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (est. 1975)
ASBEAmerican Society of Baking Engineers (Petaluma, CA; now American Society of Baking)
ASBEArkansas State Board of Education (Little Rock, AR)
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The third limitation was designed to promote local participation through the donation of property for the sites of the new institutions to the ASBE.
While the elected state superintendent also would sit as secretary to the Alabama State Board of Education, the president of the ASBE was the governor, who not only chaired the meetings but also appointed the other eight board members, each of whom represented a congressional district.
The mystique of having a college, even if it was a junior college, was part of the reason, according to the ASBE assistant superintendent responsible for initiating the junior college program, B.
While the junior college site committee suggested five geographic areas of greatest need, the ASBE Minutes simply listed thirty of the state's sixty-seven counties [11].
On 9 October 1963, the ASBE, with Governor Wallace chairing, unanimously approved the sites for twelve new trade schools and ten new junior colleges [12].
The rubber-stamp ASBE functioned as the sole governing board for all of the new institutions, as it does to this day.
1 Analysis of the effects of the major differences between the net profit under ASBE and the profit of the period under IFRS
2 Analysis of effects of major differences between the shareholders' equity under ASBE and total equity under IFRS
1 Material changes in the major items contained in the consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with ASBE and the underlying reasons