ASBGAAmerican Sugar Beet Growers Association
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Indeed, when the war was over, their representatives asked the ASBGA for assistance so that they could remain in the area.
While the ASBGA hardly shifted its stance regarding the maintenance of labourers and agricultural productivity as a top priority, the postwar expansion of citizenship slightly altered its tone.
For example, the local Japanese representatives now formed an Alberta chapter of the JCCA and submitted a brief to the ASBGA requesting its cooperation to bring back their fellow Japanese who had been repatriated to Japan after the war.
The ASBGA'S record suggests that it remained hesitant in terms of negotiating with the federal and provincial governments to keep IDPS permanently.
While the BCSC representatives bestowed upon the ASBGA the right to administer the labour transfer during the war, federal officers leaned towards the freedom of labourers' movement, advocated by Japanese IDPS.
"The ASBGA'S resentment of such comments was often directed at individual officers like Archibald and Russell rather than the federal government as a whole.
The BCSC rarely discussed IDPS' civil rights questions with the ASBGA. The federal agent was well aware that their negotiations had to focus on labour issues.
All three parties--the ASBGA, the BCSC, and IDPS--saw the labour transfer issue differently.
Thus a common religious faith was a factor that separated pre-war Japanese and other members of the ASBGA.
Japanese-Canadian IDPS, as sugar beet farm labourers, initiated their negotiation with the ASBGA, the BCSC, and the pre-war Japanese-Canadian community based on their own sense of justice and freedom.
The ASBGA in southern Alberta saw the influx of the IDeS as a short-term phenomenon, and did not regard their welfare, human rights, and resettlement as their concern.
(44.) While the list of growers is not extensive during the war years, in 1926, seven farmers were registered as members of the ASBGA. See GA, ASBGMBF, M7474-1, Minutes of Alberta Sugar Beet Growers' Association, 13 March 1925.