ASBMAir to Surface Ballistic Missile
ASBMAnti-Ship Ballistic Missile (US and China)
ASBMAsian School of Business Management
ASBMAsian Symposium on Biomedical Materials (University of Tokyo; biennial conference; est. 1993)
ASBMAssociation of Supervisory Board Members (Slovenia; corporate governance)
ASBMArm Sigma Blade Mixer (Jaygo, Inc.)
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Regarding the labeling of biosimilars, the ASBM survey reveals that pharmacists want greater transparency than the FDA currently requires.
Second, they can be hardened and dispersed, presenting a tougher target than a ship, which must retire from the fight after a hit from an ASBM.
In eleven countries, ASBM has asked the physicians who routinely prescribe these medicines to weigh in on automatic substitution, and in every country surveyed, the response has been widespread opposition" Murby said.
Also impressive is Erickson's appreciation of the possibility of "deeply destabilizing" strategic effects of successful Chinese maritime control strategies on the Asian political situation--that is, a successful ASBM will not simply be a tactical weapon.
In September 2012, ASBM conducted a similar survey that examined practices and perspectives on biosimilar naming and substitution of over 350 physicians in the U.
ASBM Executive Director Michael Reilly presented at the autoimmune summit and discussed the role biotech medicines play in treating autoimmune diseases.
Although due to ASBM cost and limited inventory, it is unlikely that China would use them in barrages, they have remarkable capability nonetheless.
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Professional Affairs, University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and ASBM International Advisory Board Chair, focused on the critical importance of communication and the need for physicians and pharmacists to work together.
To see why, we need to review China's ASBM system threat to ships at sea and China's short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) threat to U.
Full comprehension of the "game changing" potential of the Chinese DF-21 ASBM and its impact on operations is slowly emerging among strategists and planners.
The ASBM survey is the first of its kind in Europe and provided valuable data on physicians' views and understanding of biosimilar medicines.
carrier battle groups in the western Pacific in the event of a conflict, while Eric Hagt and Matthew Durnin review Chinese thinking concerning the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance architecture supporting a putative ASBM capability, again on the basis of open-source Chinese materials.