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ASBOAnti Social Behaviour Order (UK)
ASBOAssociation of School Business Officials International
ASBOApplication Specific Business Object
ASBOAssociation of School Board Officials (various locations)
ASBOApplication Specific Business Object (IBM Websphere)
ASBOAcademicus Sanctae Barbae Ordo (Latin: Academic Order of Saint Barbara)
ASBOArbeiter-Samariter-Bund Oesterreichs (German: Workers' Samaritan Federation Austria)
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A 2012 opinion survey revealed that only 8% of Britons believed ASBOs had been successful in curbing anti-social behaviour.
"Asbos were at least some reassurance that badly-behaved people who cause misery were being tackled.
The new orders will not, I suspect, do anything to prevent the oldest recipient of an Asbo, an 87-year-old man, from being sarcastic to his neighbours.
However, those in that area who did breach their orders did it the most on average, at 6.2 times per Asbo, the fourth highest number in England and Wales.
GOVERNMENT bosses vowed ASBOs would sort out our yob culture but four years later just SIX have been issued - and gangs are still holding society to ransom.
Young People's Commissioner Patricia Lewsley said she condemns anti-social behaviour but Asbos will not resolve the problem.
"Asbos have worked and will continue to work provided they are used effectively.
"I'm glad I've put it all behind me and can get on with living my life." Mum Rose, 38, and dad Martin, 44, agree that the ASBO has helped Ashton.
The teenager had been given an interim ASBO in November.
Northumbria has seen the most dramatic decline, with 181 Asbos issued in 2005, dropping to just 70 in 2006, the latest figures available.
It is hard to understand why anyone responsible for robberies or crimes involving violence -even minor violence - receives an Asbo at all.