ASBPAmerican Society of Bariatric Physicians
ASBPArmed Services Blood Program
ASBPArkansas State Board of Pharmacy (Little Rock, AR)
ASBPAir Station Barbers Point (US Coast Guard; Oahu, HI)
ASBPAnti-Social Behaviour Pilot (New South Wales, Australia)
ASBPAbuse of Superior Bargaining Position (competition policy)
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While the induction of diabetes alone significantly elevated ASBP (table 1), but vanadyl did not affect ASBP in the VTN or VTD groups.
A shift to the collection, testing, storage, and distribution of Group O whole blood in theater at Role 2 facilities will have a huge effect on current inventory constraints and allow the ASBP to provide the right product to the right patient.
The ASBP has received a few requests for liquid plasma to support exercises and operations.
ASBP is a collaborative organization that provides its members practical information and business tools to implement a successful obesity medicine practice.
While the ASBP membership would certainly agree that patients are considerably more likely to succeed at weight loss when supported by a physician, we view 5 minutes of basic counseling as simply inadequate.
Wendy Scinta, a board certified family physician, a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Bariatric Medicine (ABBM) and a member of the Board of Trustees of the ASBP, there is a skill set to managing obesity.
A program supervised by a physician who is a member of the ASBP and who has completed specialized training in bariatric medicine, offers a comprehensive and effective approach to maximizing overall health and reversing co-morbidities.
ASBP supports local government, DOD, and other Coast Guard units by providing platforms and crews to assist with the movement of prisoners, law enforcement officers and their equipment, Red Cross supplies, environmental teams, and endangered species.
In the aftermath of the tragic tsunami that devastated American Samoa, ASBP was the very first responder on scene, delivering relief supplies, rescue workers, and key personnel, including the Territorial Governor.
Tasked with upholding the economic treaties enacted by the United States and its allies, ASBP projects the Commandant's strategic intent by partnering with multiple federal organizations and international entities to protect resources throughout the Pacific region.
With a squadron of four C-130s, ASBP surpassed all expectations executing search and rescue, humanitarian, law enforcement, homeland security, and national defense missions.