ASBPAmerican Society of Bariatric Physicians
ASBPArmed Services Blood Program
ASBPArkansas State Board of Pharmacy (Little Rock, AR)
ASBPAir Station Barbers Point (US Coast Guard; Oahu, HI)
ASBPAnti-Social Behaviour Pilot (New South Wales, Australia)
ASBPAbuse of Superior Bargaining Position (competition policy)
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Peak Borg scale corrected to time to exhaustion ([T.sub.Ex]) (A), variation of systolic blood pressure (ASBP) corrected to [T.sub.Ex] (B), variation of diastolic blood pressure ([DELTA]DBP) corrected to [T.sub.Ex] (C), and lactate ([[La.sup.-]]) corrected to [T.sub.Ex] (D) responses at different intensities as well as on critical load (CL).
One way ANOVA with Turkey's post hoc test was used to evaluate changes that occurred during the 45-day of the experiment in BG, daily drinking water, daily vanadyl consumption, body weight, ASBP, rCBF, CIV, and BBB permeability in the sham and ischemic groups.
To account for the latter's use, SC2i assumed that they would consume the ASBP's suggested ratio of 3.0 units of RBC, 1.6 units of FFP, and 0.15 apheresis of platelets per patient.
A shift to the collection, testing, storage, and distribution of Group O whole blood in theater at Role 2 facilities will have a huge effect on current inventory constraints and allow the ASBP to provide the right product to the right patient.
A program supervised by a physician who is a member of ASBP and who has completed specialized training in obesity medicine offers a comprehensive and effective approach to maximizing overall health and reversing co-morbidities.
The cadmium binding reagents (EDTA, BSA, ASBP) were spiked to test tubes containing cadmium solution for a series of adsorption tests.
While the authors mentioned several resources that provide weight management tools, it is important to recognize the ASBP as a reputable source of clinical education and practical tools for the treatment of obesity.
Going in the opposite direction, the oil sector was affected by the cost of crude slipping back from Friday's high, asBP dropped 2.5p to 645p, Royal Dutch Shell remained flat at 1932p and Cairn Energyfell 22p to 2144p.
The restriction was put in place by the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) to safeguard the military's blood supply after several service members in Iraq were diagnosed with leishmaniasis.
American Obesity Association 1250 24th Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20037 800-98-OBESE American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) 5600 S.
Civilian donor centers will fall under one of the first three organizations while all military donor facilities serve under the ASBP. While any donation could potentially save the life of another human being, the ASBP is the sole provider of blood for military members continental and overseas.
At 12.2 million square nautical miles, District Fourteen is the largest operating area in the Coast Guard, and Air Station Barbers Point (ASBP) is charged with its safe keeping.