ASBSAmerican Society for Bariatric Surgery
ASBSActive Sway Bar System
ASBSAmerican Society of Breast Surgeons (Columbia, MD)
ASBSAustralian Systematic Botany Society
ASBSAreas of Special Biological Significance
ASBSalt.suicide.bus.stop (newsgroup/website)
ASBSArmy Selection Board System (US DoD)
ASBSAnti-Skid Braking System
ASBSArizona State Button Society
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A ceremony was held at the bank's headquarters in the country's capital Victoria, under the patronage of Seychelles President Danny Faure, and in the presence of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning Minister Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, ASBS chairman Hussein Al Meeza, ASBS vice-chair and SPF chief executive Lekha Nair and ASBB chief executive Rafik Nayed.
ASBS is located in the Capital Victoria at Maison Esplanade, Francis Rachel Street.
Recently, the Attitudes Toward Sexual Behaviours Scale (ASBS; Blanc, Ordonez-Carrasco, Sayans-Jimenez, & Rojas, 2016) was developed in Spain to address the limitations in existing measures (see Appendix A for the English translation).
Assets under conversion (non-Shari'ah compliant assets of ASBS and BMI Bank) totaled BHD 27.86 million at end-June, down from BHD 32.03 million at end-December 2015.
Supported by two well established financial institutions, namely ASBB and SPF, ASBS is planning to launch a unique Shari'a-compliant full-service commercial banking by offering world class financial solutions.
The annual series was generated primarily using data from OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletins (ASB).
They have to be good at changeovers, because the plant does a lot of them--at least five a day typically three for Sidels and two for Nissei ASBs. Time for changing molds on both types of systems has been whittled down to as little as 45 min, and Ensley says a full Nissei changeover, including hot runner, can be 8 hr "bottle to bottle."
Table 1: Organisms isolated in MRSA screening of PG students Pre Exposed (28) Exposed (28) Organisms [June 2014] [Jan 2015] MRSA -- 09 MSSA 02 04 CONS -- 01 ASBs 06 05 Klebsiella sps 07 03 Citrobacter sps 01 -- Proteus sps -- 01 Escherichia coli 01 -- No growth 11 05 Table 2: Prevalence of S.
I don't discuss ASBs in the text because they are complicated and because they don't change much about the discussion: From a rules perspective, ASBs tend to follow Rule 10b-18 (or 10b-18 by analogy) and so would probably be affected by changes to 10b-18 in much the same way that open market buybacks would be.
In this paper, we introduce attribute set based signature (ASBS) as an enhancement to ABS.
John Gerald McLeod, known as Ian, pictured, died aged 66 in August 2011 after a two-month battle with asbS estosis and lung cancer, caused by exposure to deadly asbestos.