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ASCAAmerican School Counselor Association
ASCAAustralian Shepherd Club of America
ASCAArab Society of Certified Accountants
ASCAAdministrative Simplification Compliance Act (US DHHS)
ASCAAmerican Swimming Coaches Association
ASCAAmerican Society of Consulting Arborists
ASCAAll Students Can Achieve
ASCAAsian Crystallographic Association (International Union of Crystallography)
ASCAAssociation of State Correctional Administrators
ASCAAdult Survivors of Child Abuse
ASCAAnabolic Steroid Control Act
ASCAAnti Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Antibody
ASCAAmerican Safe Climbing Association
ASCAAccumulating Savings and Credit Association
ASCAANOVA-Simultaneous Component Analysis
ASCAAddiction Support and Care Agency (UK)
ASCAArchitectural Spray Coaters Association
ASCAAdvanced Satellite for Cosmology & Astrophysics
ASCAAirplane Stability and Control Analyzer (Whirlwind)
ASCAArtillery Systems Cooperation Activities
ASCAAustralian Specialist Cheesemakers' Association (Australia)
ASCAAdvanced Spacecraft for Cosmology Astrophysics
ASCAAssociation for Scientific Cooperation in Asia (Australia)
ASCAAssociate of the Institute of Company Accountants
ASCAAir Support Coordination Agency
ASCAAdvanced Stellar Compass Assembly
ASCAAlberta Sporting Clay Association
ASCAApplications Systems Control and Auditability
ASCAAmerican Shepherd Club of America
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Having this gene variant and low ASCA titers could be a good indicator that a Crohns disease patient might benefit from antifungal therapy, Iliev said.
Going forward: integrating more partners into ASCA to establish more effective digital fire support by removing radio relays and language barriers to create common points of reference
We also hypothesized that all four of these TPB variables would be predictors of LGB advocacy activity and related to levels of school counselors' implementation of the ASCA National Model (ASCA, 2012) and identification as an advocate.
A plethora of the ASCA (2014) Mindsets & Behaviors standards, such as the development of critical-thinking skills, creativity, self-directed learning, applied technology skills, self-discipline and control, and ethical and informed decision making, are taught in technology education classes and are congruent with the goals and outcomes of technology education and the Standards for Technological Literacy document.
Blakely, Underwood, and Rehfuss (2009) conducted a study of 181 school counseling supervisors to determine whether there were differences in supervisor readiness and supervision activities between those supervisors working in traditional school counseling programs and those working in schools with Recognized ASCA Model Programs (RAMPs).
Investigating which of the ASCA ethical standards presented the most common or most challenging dilemmas for school counselors, Bodenhorn (2006) found the five most frequently reported areas were student confidentiality of personal disclosures (67%), confidentiality of student records (36%), acting on information of danger to self or others (33%), parental rights (22%), and dual relationship with faculty (20%).
The course was held in conjunction with ASCA Annual Meeting (Board and General Assembly) which took place on November 26 in Dubai and discussed several key issues including the development of the Society's curriculum, a new strategy for professional training programs and issuance of new publications in addition to ASCA's cooperation with the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University (TAGIUNI) along with a number of administrative and financial issues.
School counselors who were members of ASCA and/or their state school counselor association were recruited to participate in this study.
TTD: I remember when we were in Atlantic City, I was president-elect of ASCA.
ASCA believes the study's findings can serve as a wake-up call that could bring about necessary changes.
As for the Arab region, he announced that ASCA is currently organizing an international conference under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Michel Suleiman, on December 22-23, 2009, in cooperation with the Central Bank of Lebanon, the Union of Arab Banks, Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants and World Union of Arab Bankers.
The project is the brainchild of newlyestablished ASCA Counselling, in Heaton, which has evolved from a well-established charity counselling adults who have experienced childhood abuse.