ASCADAssistance to States for Control of Animal Diseases (scheme; India)
ASCADArteriosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease
ASCADAtherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease
ASCADAssociate of Science in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Drafting (various universities)
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ASCAD is an Arab specialized organization working within framework of Arab League with aim to mobilizing investment and natural resources by using up-to-date technologies .
State Minister of Agriculture, for his part, pledged to remove difficulties facing the ASCAD.
In humans the overall incidence of death as a result of ASCAD is 0.
Changes in life style of our dogs in Colombia, especially nutritional (8), and the lack of knowledge about the possible relationship between plasma levels of lipids and ASCAD in dogs, justify the establishment of reference values for serum lipids in these populations of dogs.
This is somehow controversial by comparison with human data, as the levels of serum total cholesterol in humans trend to increase with age, after changing life style and some times dietary habits (9), then in this case we could suppose that our older dogs are naturally protected, as having lower levels of cholesterol is desirable for preventing ASCAD, but it is necessary to design a new project including a bigger population and controlling some variables as diet under experimental conditions.
The mechanism of the formation of methylbutirate from carbohydrate by Ascads lumbncoides muscle.