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ASCARAmerican Society of Crows and Ravens
ASCARAverage Standardized Cumulative Abnormal Returns
ASCARAnglo-American Stock Car Auto Racing
ASCARAudited Single Cost Accounting Report
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Although what is most striking is an artificial central oasis that makes this restaurant, the second member of the group La ColecciA[sup.3]n de la GastronomA-a (The Gastronomy Collection) which also belongs to Meating, with the stamp of Ascar Velasco, is extremely pleasing to the eye and to the palate.
Ascar noted that the shift in the Egyptian market towards building green has been slow; however, this is expected to change in the upcoming years.
The conversion factor used for proteins was 5.36, and the collagen content was determined through the hydroxyproline analysis, in which a factor of 8.0 is used in the conversion to collagen (ASCAR, 1985).
"We have gone too high, too fast and we should go back down by about 200 to 300 points before we can start talking about buying again," said Omar Ascar, head of trading at Cairo Capital Securities.
Orange Money is already present in Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Mali, Niger and Madag ascar.
Al Jawhari said another factor in therobust market growth is the increasedavailability of lending facilities such ascar loans which currently account for70 per cent of the car sales.
Gary, a motorsport fanatic, had just landed his dream job as a pit crewman with the British Ascar Racing Team.
Our Prediction: Through a lifetime of great resolve and his obvious favor with ASCAR we fully expect Perez to get the right people in place to launch the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame as early as 2008, if not sooner.
He also questioned the evidence of witness Ascar Shah, who had told the jury at Birmingham Crown court the gunman's voice "rang a bell", but admitted he did not know the defendant well and had not talked to him much.
Channel's general manager, Astrid Ascar, says it will feature "anything to do with the home," including eight hours of local original content each weekend.
After the terrifying smash in the Days of Thunder ASCAR racing series in August, Colin felt a stabbing pain in his chest.