ASCASAustralian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme
ASCASAssociation of Small Collectors of Antique Silver (UK)
ASCASAlpine Snow-Cover Analysis System
ASCASAcute Services Current Awareness Service (clinical information; UK)
ASCASAutomated Security Clearance Approval System
ASCASA Second Chance Animal Shelter (Manning, SC)
ASCASAssociazione Sportiva Culturale A Scuola (Italian: School Sport and Culture Association)
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As a member of the Evergreen Farming Group, he hasn't been surprised by the exciting results of the ASCAS trials.
Unlike some of the other farmers involved in the ASCAS trials, Wilson has been growing perennials for some time.
The group of 12 farmers involved in ASCAS 'benchmarking' in the Northern Agricultural Region of WA over the last year will later in 2008 be completing calculations to see how much carbon has been sequestered under their perennial pastures.
One of the broadacre cropping properties north-east of Clermont in Queensland that is participating in the ASCAS project has more than three times the amount of carbon in the farmed soil than there is under the surrounding native vegetation (149 tonnes of carbon/ha under native vegetation versus 516 tonnes of carbon/ha under the crop).