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Paul de Rooy, an ASCD member from Curacao, explained the problem this way:
"Rapid adoption of the Common Core standards has outstripped professional and public understanding of the standards and their potential for changing the learning and teaching paradigm," said ASCD Executive Director Gene R.
For example, I contribute to ASCD's electronic newsletter, the ASCD Education Bulletin; and I subscribe to several others, including PBS Online, from the Public Broadcasting Service.
The OTB Web site provides access to electronic versions of an array of ASCD products and services, including documents such as journal and newsletter articles, the Only the Best database of highly rated software, the ASCD Curriculum Handbook, and other audio files and multimedia products [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
ASCD predicts Title I will be cut by $1.2 billion, IDEA by just under $1 billion, and Teacher Quality State Grants by over $200 million, along with many others.
Editor's note: For more information about the series, write to ASCD at 1250 N.
ASCD would like to push its Whole Child initiative, which is a holistic approach to the education of young people.
Members of the ASCD Executive Council spent November 9, 1995 visiting schools in London, England, in connection with our fall business meeting there.
As part of ASCD's ESEA reauthorization efforts, we convened a diverse group of organizations from a wide array of subject areas to develop recommendations for how the federal government can better support a well-rounded education for each child.
In harmony with ASCD's 1993 resolution on service learning, some districts - Atlanta, St.
Other instructional aids include DVDs that feature inspirational and instructional clips and authentic conversations between mentors and their proteges, and four ASCD videos, including How to Co-Teach to Meet Diverse Student Needs.
THE ASSOCIATION FOR SUPERVISION and Curriculum Development recently released its 2007 Legislative Agenda, a resource developed to set the course for ASCD's influence on Congress and domestic policymakers during the year.