ASCDAssociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development
ASCDAutomatic Speed Control Device (automotive technology)
ASCDAmerican Sports Car Design (Maryville, TN)
ASCDAssociation of Service & Computer Dealers International
ASCDAssessment and Curriculum Development (education)
ASCDAmerican Society of Computer Dealers
ASCDAll Source Correlated Database
ASCDAsset Status Card
ASCDAtherosclerotic Coronary Disease
ASCDAdvanced Software Concepts Department
ASCDAerospace Satellite Control Division
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Brooks helped out ASCD by creating a Pinboard exclusively for educators entitled Elementary Education Resources with Guest Pinner Suzy Brooks.
Laurie Hayes, a science teacher at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology in Clovis, CA, recently used her lunch break to take part in an ASCD webinar on brain functions and capabilities hosted by Judy Willis, a board-certified neurologist and former classroom teacher from Santa Barbara, CA, who has written extensively about the neurology of learning.
The online surveys cover more than what has transpired, it's also forward-thinking, according to Joanne Arnold, marketing information manager at ASCD.
Fundamental to ASCD is our concern for people, both individually and collectively.
For more information on Impact Teacher Academy, visit booth number 1218 at ASCD or online at: http://www.
The Teacher Impact Grants will provide teacher leaders across the nation opportunities to develop, expand and evaluate innovative and ambitious projects focused on making their schools and classrooms more effective communities of learning, said ASCD Executive Director and CEO Deborah Delisle.
Race to the Top's requirements linking teacher evaluations to student test scores is largely responsible for the change in the principal's responsibilities, says Susan Race, a former principal who is senior director of Professional Learning and Institutes at ASCD.
Anyone who is a premium member of ASCD got his book, so it is probably close by.
View other ASCD boards, with titles like "Educational Infograph-los," "Professional Development," "Education Policy" and more at Pinterest.
The University of Northern Iowa's Malcolm Price Laboratory School (PLS) in Cedar Falls, Iowa, is the winner of ASCD's first-ever Vision in Action: The ASCD Whole Child Award.
The two organizations are exploring how to replicate a current partnership between Communities in Schools and ASCD in Georgia, where ASCD members learn how the program addresses young people's nonacademic needs.
ASCD's Resource Information Service (RIS) provides ASCD members access to research and sources of information on selected topics.