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ASCENDA Study of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes (University of Oxford; UK)
ASCENDAgenda of Science for Environment and Development (book)
ASCENDAfter School Centers for Exploration and New Discovery (National Science Foundation)
ASCENDAnne Scandalios Cancer Ends Now Directive (foundation; Charleston, SC)
ASCENDA School Cultivating Excellence, Nurturing Diversity (Hayward, CA)
ASCENDAdvanced System for Computations in Engineering Design
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So when Zarathustra thus ascended the mountain, he thought on the way of his many solitary wanderings from youth onwards, and how many mountains and ridges and summits he had already climbed.
Before my highest mountain do I stand, and before my longest wandering: therefore must I first go deeper down than I ever ascended:
Thus, the balloon can neither ascend or descend, except within very narrow limits, and its resources, either in gas or ballast, remain comparatively unimpaired.
I did not wish, however, to lose gas at so early a period of the adventure, and so concluded to ascend for the present.
They had now ascended to a great height above the level of the plains, yet they beheld huge crags of granite piled one upon another, and beetling like battlements far above them.
For a little distance we ascended by snow upon the ARE^TE--that is, the ridge--then turned over to the right, or northern side.
The various expeditions that had ascended the Nile could never manage to reach the mysterious source of that river.
As I hastened above to explore the strange shaft I found that the ladder of horizontal bars mounted always as far above me as my eyes could reach, and as I ascended, the light from above grew brighter and brighter.
From the middle of the building an ugly flat-topped octagonal tower ascended against the east horizon, and viewed from this spot, on its shady side and against the light, it seemed the one blot on the city's beauty.
Quasimodo ascended the tower staircase for the sake of ascending it, for the sake of seeing why the priest was ascending it.
They crossed to France, and ascended the Seine by steamboat, and then settled for a time in Paris.
Instead of finding the mountain we had ascended sweeping down in the opposite direction into broad and capacious valleys, the land appeared to retain its general elevation, only broken into a series of ridges and inter-vales which so far as the eye could reach stretched away from us, with their precipitous sides covered with the brightest verdure, and waving here and there with the foliage of clumps of woodland; among which, however, we perceived none of those trees upon whose fruit we had relied with such certainty.