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ASCENTAssociation of Communications Enterprises (formerly Telecommunications Resellers Association)
ASCENTAdolescent Smoking Cessation Escaping Nicotine and Tobacco (Danya International, Inc.)
ASCENTAdaptive Self-Configuring Sensor Network Topologies
ASCENTAnalysis of Space Concepts Enabled by New Transportation (US NASA)
ASCENTAirliner Sensor and Cabin Environment Network
ASCENTAlliance for Secure Computing Education in North Texas
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"In order, then, to effect an ascent, I give the gas a temperature superior to the temperature of the surrounding air by means of my cylinder.
The ascent would be, usually, more rapid than the descent; but that is a fortunate circumstance, since it is of no importance to me to descend rapidly, while, on the other hand, it is by a very rapid ascent that I avoid obstacles.
They followed the way till they reached the beginning of the ascent, on the crest of which the vehicle from Trantridge was to receive her, this limit having been fixed to save the horse the labour of the last slope.
It was as far below us, now, as it had been above us when we were beginning the ascent.
And this had been the end of all the other brave men who like himself had attempted the ascent.
Upon the entire surface of that ancient planet I never before had seen a hill or mountain that exceeded four thousand feet in height above the dead sea bottoms, and as the ascent was usually gradual, nearly to their summits they presented but few opportunities for the practice of climbing.
These apparently circled the tower at six-foot intervals, in bands six feet apart; and as each stone cylinder protruded some four or five inches beyond the surface of the other ornamentation, they presented a comparatively easy mode of ascent could I but reach them.
"If you have explored the east, we should travel along the base of the cliff to the west, and seek for a practicable point for our ascent."
I reached the balcony over the porch in safety, depending more upon the tough vine branches than the trellis-work during my ascent. My next employment was to pull up the pruning-ladder, as softly as possible, by the rope which I held attached to it.
If, on the other hand, any circumstances should cause undue levity, and consequent ascent, this levity is immediately counteracted by the additional weight of rope upraised from the earth.
Battius bustled through the narrow entrance, with an air of singular impatience, and was already beginning to mount the difficult ascent, when catching a view of the porter, he paused, to observe with an air that he intended should be impressively admonitory--
"The fight is coming up the ascent," said Duncan, pointing in the direction of a new explosion of firearms; "we are too much in the center of their line to be effective."