ASCETAmerican Society of Certified Engineering Technicians
ASCETAchieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology
ASCETAdvanced Simulation/Software and Control Engineering Tool
ASCETAirborne Strategic Communications Engineering and Test
ASCETAspirin non-responsiveness and Clopidogrel Clinical Endpoint Trial (Ullevaal University Hospital, Oslo, Norway)
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This led to the selection of the ASCET and ES1000 systems, along with the LABCAR virtual ECU software tester.
The customer solved this problem by adding new pressure sensors and feeding them directly into the new control strategies designed using the ASCET model-based development environment.
Using high-precision fuel injection technology and the advanced control strategy implemented in ASCET, the X values were tightly controlled under all operating conditions.
The customer was able to overcome this challenge by using ASCET to model the thermal lag and the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) upstream of the DPF, thereby accurately capturing the dynamics of the complete exhaust system.
While readers can still choose to order a print copy of the latest volume, ASCET's Web site contains not only the recently released seventh volume but also the entire contents of all six previous volumes.
Unlike many of the past volumes of ASCET, this year's volume draws less heavily on vendor white papers and instead contains mostly viewpoints from Accenture consultants.
With the bottom line on the minds of many supply chain professionals, ASCET highlights a recent study conducted by Accenture, INSEAD, and Stanford University.
But whether you explore the print, online, or a combination of both versions, you'll find this latest volume of ASCET provides practical, technology-related information for many facets of the supply chain.
ASCET draws these articles and white papers from a wide range of contributors, including Accenture consultants, academics, analysts, vendors, and a few practitioners.
At its best, ASCET provides far-seeing yet levelheaded discussions about leading-edge supply chain technology.
The ASCET Web site includes some additional information not found in the book, including a resource list, several case studies, and general information about the ASCET project.
The ASCET book and Web site are perhaps best suited for those supply chain professionals who would like to wander through a supply chain technology expo without leaving the comfort of their office chairs.