ASCETAmerican Society of Certified Engineering Technicians
ASCETAchieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology
ASCETAdvanced Simulation/Software and Control Engineering Tool
ASCETAirborne Strategic Communications Engineering and Test
ASCETAspirin non-responsiveness and Clopidogrel Clinical Endpoint Trial (Ullevaal University Hospital, Oslo, Norway)
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Additionally, our ASCET software engineering environment now provides full AUTOSAR compliance.
This led to the selection of the ASCET and ES1000 systems, along with the LABCAR virtual ECU software tester.
The customer solved this problem by adding new pressure sensors and feeding them directly into the new control strategies designed using the ASCET model-based development environment.
But whether you explore the print, online, or a combination of both versions, you'll find this latest volume of ASCET provides practical, technology-related information for many facets of the supply chain.
At its best, ASCET provides far-seeing yet levelheaded discussions about leading-edge supply chain technology.
The ASCET book and Web site are perhaps best suited for those supply chain professionals who would like to wander through a supply chain technology expo without leaving the comfort of their office chairs.
ASCET includes white papers from industry experts at Accenture, AMR Research, Dartmouth College Dell, Forrester, Gartner, Hewlett-Packard, MIT and Stanford University among many other thought leaders.
Sponsored by Accenture, the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, ASCET is designed to inform and educate senior executives on how to leverage leading-edge technologies and capabilities.
This year's ASCET edition provides numerous ideas on how to steer supply chain operations through these rough economic waters.
Recent projects include: The ASCET Project - Achieving Supply Chain Excellence through Technology, Volume 4 and The Customer Relationship Management Project - Defying the Limits Volume 3 (http://www.
as part of its new emphasis on providing integrated, Web-enabled solutions to deliver managed information flow and responsive supply chain automation, has joined the upcoming third edition of the ASCET Project, a forum on the next generation of supply chain technology.
The project's findings will super-charge the efforts of companies seeking to gain competitive advantage by leveraging their Internet-enabled supply chains," added Barry Jacobs, publisher of the ASCET Project.