ASCFAgence des Services Frontaliers du Canada (French: Canada Border Services Agency)
ASCFAssociation Sportive Culturelle Francophone (French: Francophone Cultural Sports Association)
ASCFAmerican Security Council Foundation (est. 1958)
ASCFAustralian Safe Communities Foundation
ASCFAmerican Sport Climbers Federation (Golden, CO)
ASCFAustralian Sport Climbing Federation
ASCFAustralian Saloon Car Federation (est. 1968)
ASCFAdvanced Synthetic Command Forces
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We encourage officials to leverage existing services work and indices developed by other international fora in pursuing the ASCF objectives.
We recognize the contributions of the Action Plan to the Bogor Goals and to the vision of the ASCF, with its sector-specific approach.
Expanded to seven days, the 2nd edition of ASCF, held from December 4-10, 2009 offered an even more diverse group of comics with tickets selling out in record time,.
This art exists widely in the West but is still developing gradually here in the Arab world; the good part is that people are excited about it and this makes me happy as it means this art will succeed and spread," said comic Dean Obeidallah, executive producer of the ASCF.
Pall's ASCF technology utilizes membranes that will not foul when processing algae.
Pall's ASCF technology utilizes proprietary hollow fiber membranes with outstanding regeneration capabilities.
Named a "Hero Award" winner by the Juvenile Protective Agency, ASCF Executive Director & Chicago resident Kathy Chuckas leads the five-year-old organization to help reduce the barriers young girls face in sports & life.
The ASCFs account for the differences between wavelength contributions estimated by the erythemal action spectrum and the previtamin D action spectrum toward previ-tamin [D.