ASCFAgence des Services Frontaliers du Canada (French: Canada Border Services Agency)
ASCFAssociation Sportive Culturelle Francophone (French: Francophone Cultural Sports Association)
ASCFAmerican Security Council Foundation (est. 1958)
ASCFAustralian Safe Communities Foundation
ASCFAmerican Sport Climbers Federation (Golden, CO)
ASCFAustralian Sport Climbing Federation
ASCFAustralian Saloon Car Federation (est. 1968)
ASCFAdvanced Synthetic Command Forces
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The two pillars--funds from license sales and 11 percent excise taxes of Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson--of the ASCF spell out the value so desperately needed when President Roosevelt gathered those 2,000 conservationists.
Nonetheless, their taxes get thrown into the ASCF pot.
We welcome the APEC Virtual Knowledge Center on Services as a knowledge-sharing and collaborative platform which directly contributes to the pursuit of the objectives of the ASCF. We welcome the updated Services Trade Access Requirements (STAR) Database and agree to explore expansion to additional services sectors.
We recognize the contributions of the Action Plan to the Bogor Goals and to the vision of the ASCF, with its sector-specific approach.
Whole-Cell and Perforated-patch recordings: Whole cell recordings made using ASCF and [K.sup.+]-gluconate Ih recorded from layer II stellate neurons of the EC using the above extracellular solution, excluding picrotoxin and including Tetradotoxin (0.5 [micro]M).
The Unit Holders of Askari Sovereign Cash Fund (ASCF) and Askari Islamic Income Fund (AIIF) (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Funds") managed by Askari Investment Management Ltd ("Management Company") are hereby informed that the Chief Executive on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Management Company has approved the Interim Dividend Distribution for the Unit Holders of the Funds for the financial year ending June 30, 2012 as follows:
The above Distribution will be paid in the form of Bonus units or cash dividend (for those who have opted for cash dividend) to the respective Unit Holders of the Funds whose names appeared in the Registers of Unit Holders of the Funds at close of business on December 26, 2011 for ASCF and December 23, 2011 for AIIF.
About the Management Company: Askari Investment Management Limited (AIM) is the management company for the ASCF. AIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Askari Bank Limited, which has a network of 206 branches nationwide.
International comics were participating in this year's ASCF such as Gabriel Iglesias, Larry Omaha, Edwan San Juan, Omid Djalili, Sherry Davey, as well as comics who hail from an Arab origin such as Mo Amer, Dean Obeidallah, Aron Kader, Mohammad Salem, Motaz Atallah, Ola Roshdy, Meena Dimian, in addition to the Jordanian comic, Nabil Sawalha.
At the last ASCF match, she was the only climber to flash the wall in each of three rounds.
We convened the average daily scandard erythemal dose (SED; a UV dose weighted by the erythemal action spectrum, so that it is independent of the spectral output of the source and the individual's skin type; 1 SED = 100 J/ [m.sup.2] ) lor each season to standard vitamin [D.sub.3] doses (SVDs) relative to the horizontal plane using action spectrum conversion factors (ASCFs; Pope et al.