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ASCHAAlberta Senior Citizens' Housing Association (Canada)
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Barnholtz-Sloan and Ascha said that the results of the study could help clinicians better understand patients' risk for brain metastasis and could potentially influence screening and surveillance practices.
Ascha added that more targeted surveillance could potentially help physicians detect metastases at early stages.
Ascha, Ghassan (1989), Du statut inferieur de la femme en Islam.
(18.) Ghassan, Ascha (1989), Du statut inferieur de la femme en Islam.
"The Mothers of the Believers: Stereotypes of the Prophet Muhammad's Wives" by Ghassan Ascha, lecturer in Islam and comparative religion in the Faculty of Theology, the University of Utrecht, also attempts another postmodernist analysis of different treatments of the life of 'A'isha.
In my reading, Ascha's article is actually meant to discourage ongoing feminist attempts to grapple with historical material in order to construct alternate meanings for understanding Arab or Muslim cultural identity.
In this way, Ascha uses postmodernist tools to pull the rug out from under Arab women aspiring to gain control over their voices and representations.
Like Ascha, many feminists argue that it is more worthwhile to concentrate on changing the everyday reality of women's lives rather than engage in dangerous ideological debates.
The United Nations Convention, however, "is predicated upon the idea that there exist objective standards and universal values." [39] Both Ascha and Moghadam reject the postulation of cultural differences, usually grounded in cultural memory, as a legitimate and worthwhile feminist pursuit.