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Weapons and vessels available for Chinese antiaccess operations include DF-21D ASBMs, potentially DF-26 ASBMs, air-launched ASCMs, diesel-electric and nuclear-powered attack submarines, and surface combatants.
China began introducing ASCMs into its inventory in the late 1950s.
armed with anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs), and land-based long-range
The authors have separate chapters for both antiship CMs (ASCM) in chapter 2 and landattack CMs (LACM) in chapter 3.
(5) For example, Jakarta has recently acquired four new Sigma-class corvettes from the Netherlands, at least one Korean-built landing dock platform (LDP) amphibious support ship, and has outfitted its warships with French Exocet and Chinese C-802 ASCMs. Older ships are being converted to patrol boats, forward operating bases are being established in the eastern part of the archipelago, new maritime patrol aircraft are being acquired and the TNI Marine Forces are being expanded and strengthened.
Recently, the Iranian Navy test-fired an ASCM with a 60-mile range.
In addition, China's naval firepower will come from a densely populated submarine force armed with supersonic, sea-skimming, 290 nm-range YJ-18 ASCMs, as well as air-delivered ASCMs from the PLAAF.
The ASBM is not the first "game changer" that the Navy has confronted; the Navy in the past has developed counters for other new types of weapons, such as ASCMs, and is likely exploring various approaches for countering ASBMs.
To attain theater air dominance, forward naval forces will project both defensive and offensive power over land, to detect and destroy anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs) before they near the fleet.
(31) During the Falklands War, the danger posed by Argentina's Super Etendards armed with Exocet antiship cruise missiles (ASCMs) resulted in the two British STOBAR-configured carriers being deployed far to the east of the Falklands.
China has made the most demonstrable progress in anti-surface warfare (ASuW), deploying advanced, long-range ASCMs throughout the force.
Against dozens of supersonic ASCMs, only networked EW across the battlespace will be effective.