ASCOFAssociation Of Sprint Car Organizations and Fans
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to Ascof Commercial Lagundi and fresh Lagundi leaf extract (P< 0.0001) as an effect of the different levels of application.
schindleri neither showed sensitivity to Ascof commercial lagundi nor to the fresh Lagundi leaf extract.
aeruginosa apparently was not affected by the application of Ascof Commercial Lagundi and fresh Lagundi leaf extract.
Veneracion avers that at the first sign of a cough, he chooses to use a natural remedy like Ascof Forte Menthol Syrup because of its 'hagod-menthol' soothing effect that helps ease coughing that comes with a sore and itchy throat.
For inquiries, follow Ascof's official Facebook page at
ASCOF Senior Brand Manager Ayne Rili shared why they chose Robin as endorser.
ASCOF Lagundi is said to have "luwag-tunaw" combo action against cough.
The Department of Health has worked with the Health and Social Care Information Centre to produce a website that allows people to access, understand and use the ASCOF data.
Final data for 2012 to 13 for all ASCOF measures will be added on 17 December 2013, and provisional data for 2013 to 14 is expected to be available in summer 2014.
Pascual Laboratories, which produces Ascof Lagundi, sticks to the natural philosophy by having its own lagundi farm in Nueva Ecija.
It employs a highly advanced farming and production process to cultivate lagundi and utilize the plant for its Ascof Lagundi.
Actor Robin Padilla, the official endorser of Ascof Lagundi, took members of the press recently to a tour of the Ascof Lagundi farm in Nueva Ecija.