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For example, the executive director of Founders Ministries, Tom Ascol, takes solace in the belief that God was not only with him in the midst of a literal storm, but also that God was directly involved with the lightning that struck him.
For Ascol, the reassurance of God's absolute control supersedes any apologetic benefit that might be gained from a less-controlling--though seemingly more benevolent--deity.
(20.) This is the way that Tom Ascol describes the primary factor for resurgent Calvinism: "More and more seminary and college students are coming to see that the doctrines [of Calvinism] are nothing more than an accurate summary of the biblical teaching of salvation." See Keith Hinson, "Calvinism Resurging Among SBC's Young Elites," Christianity Today Magazine 41, no.
Elsewhere Tom Ascol states this position more succinctly, "The Southern Baptist Convention...
Why is there a "youth for Calvin movement?" Tom Ascol contended that "The revival of Reformed theology is growing among younger pastors and ministers in training.
Non-Calvinist observers also have found Ascol's analysis hermeneutically deficient and have suggested that young people, as all readers of scripture, read the Bible through the lenses of history, culture, and tradition.