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He was forced by poverty to leave his native place, and returned to continental Greece, where he settled at Ascra near Thespiae in Boeotia
Either in Cyme or Ascra, two sons, Hesiod and Perses, were born to the settler, and these, after his death, divided the farm between them.
And that this Aeolic speaking poet was a Boeotian of Ascra seems even more certain, since the tradition is never once disputed, insignificant though the place was, even before its destruction by the Thespians.
His body, cast into the sea, was brought to shore by dolphins and buried at Oenoe (or, according to Plutarch, at Ascra): at a later time his bones were removed to Orchomenus.
(I shall not lie in claiming that my art was given to me by you, Phoebus, nor that I am instructed by the voice of a bird of the air, nor that Clio and her sisters appeared to me while I watched over flocks in your valleys, Ascra. Experience is what inspires this work; listen to the experienced poet; I shall sing the truth: favor my projects, O Venus!)
He settled at Ascra, a village of Boeotia, at the foot of Mt.