ASCSAmerican Sprint Car Series
ASCSAgricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
ASCSActive Suspension Control System
ASCSAll Saints Catholic School (Norwalk, CT, USA)
ASCSAtlantic Shores Christian School
ASCSAir Systems Cleaning Specialist (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)
ASCSAir Support Control Section (US DoD)
ASCSAmerican Society of Corporate Secretaries
ASCSAsean Society of Colorectal Surgeons
ASCSAdvice Service Capability Scotland
ASCSAsian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists
ASCSAero Space Computer Supplies, Inc.
ASCSAustralian Society for Classical Studies
ASCSAutomotive Simulation Center Stuttgart (Germany)
ASCSAssociation of Students of Commercial Studies
ASCSAft Shroud Cooling System
ASCSAnnual Survey of Communication Services (US Census)
ASCSAerospace Sector Certification Scheme (UK)
ASCSAustrian Society for Cybernetic Studies (est. 1969)
ASCSAct on the Supervision of the Credit System
ASCSAtmospheric and Surface Composition Spectrometer
ASCSAcoustic Sediment Classification System (US Navy)
ASCSAcademic Self-Concept Scale (psychology)
ASCSAgent Semantic Communications Service
ASCSAbu Dhabi Supplies and Commercial Services
ASCSAdjustable Speed Coupling System
ASCSAllgemeiner Segler-Club Stuttgart
ASCSAdvanced Stirling Conversion System
ASCSAnimal Surgical Clinic of Seattle
ASCSAmity School of Computer Science
ASCSAirport Surface Control System
ASCSAutomatic Stabilization Control System
ASCSAcademic Support and Career Services
ASCSSenior Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Naval Rating)
ASCSArms Survival Camp in Summer
ASCSApplied Science Computer Science
ASCSAssociation Sportive et Culturelle de Saulxures
ASCSActive Surface Control System
ASCSAdaptive Sub-Carrier Selection
ASCSAsia Star Computer Software
ASCSAdvanced Satellite Control Segment
ASCSAssociation of Students for Chinese Studies
ASCSAscension Studios Content System
ASCSAmerican Sedan Category Specifications
ASCSAircraft Systems Control System
ASCSAutomated Seafloor Classification System
ASCSAmerican Skin Care System (Catherine Hinds)
ASCSArgonaut Safety Consultancy Services (UK)
ASCSAdoption Support Center of Saskatchewan
ASCSAdvanced Ship Control Station
ASCSAirborne Strategic Communication System
ASCSAdvanced Submarine Combat System
ASCSAlumni Society of Chancellor’s Scholars
ASCSAsociación Colombiana de Sociedades Científicas (Colombian Association of Scientific Societies)
ASCSAmass-X Scan Conversion Subsystem
ASCSAdaptive Signal Control System
ASCSAerospace Supply Chain Solutions (Clearwater, Fl)
ASCSAli Shah Consulting Services (multiple locations)
ASCSAutomated Stock Control System
ASCSAgency Security Configurations Standards (NASA)
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* First loans serviced by ASCS on behalf of Hua Xia Bank
Since launch, over 400 surgeons in more than 275 ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) have completed the training/certification program and are now able to purchase DEXYCU.
She said: "We are achieving progress on support for and understanding of people with ASCs but the UK Government really must grasp that the bare minimum will not do and that much more needs to be done to provide equality of opportunities.
In the senior position, Duke will launch the company's proprietary technology to providers and payors, expand the integrated orthopaedic practice model and ambulatory surgery centre (ASC) platform, assist orthopaedic groups in navigating the transition from the fee-for-service model to value-based care with commercial payors, self-funded employers and Medicare, expand the total joint replacement hyperspecialty platform from the Greater Philadelphia into Texas, Illinois, Florida and the Midwest.
The bill mover urged the committee to handover the administrative control of ASCs to ministry of foreign affairs.
Characterization of ASCs was done using flow cytometry (BD Stemflow[TM] hMSC Analysis Kit, BD Sciences, USA).
One grant is for a clinical trial using ASCs from a patient's own fat tissue to treat spinal cord injury.
Isolation of Adipose Stromal Cells (ASCs) and Preparation of ASC CM.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether ASCs could differentiate into auricular cartilage and to know growth factors associated with regeneration of auricular cartilage defects by ASCs in rabbits.
They found adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) can make more proteins than originally thought.
By the reason of all of those advantages, adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASCs) are enthusiastically used as research tools [35-37].