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ASCVDAtherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
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But, it could also be that the provider, after consulting with the patient, feels it's appropriate to add one of these agents solely for cardioprotective benefit in patients with ASCVD.
ASCVD, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, 10-year calculated ASCVD risk [greater than or equal to]7.
For most patients with lipid profiles tested annually as part of the long-term ASCVD risk assessment, total cholesterol and HDL-C results at nonfasting status are acceptable for the pooled cohort equation.
A reduced HDL-C level is an ASCVD risk factor used in ASCVD risk factor counting and quantitative risk assessment.
Could this be another cutaneous physical sign of ASCVD like the diagonal earlobe crease (ELC) initially described by Frank in 1973?
The tool is used to calculate a patient's estimated 10-year and lifetime risks of ASCVD.
The most recent national guidelines (published in 2013) from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) expand previous recommendations for reducing cholesterol to include lifestyle modifications and medication use as part of complete cholesterol management and to lower risk for ASCVD (5-8).
9p21 (GG/CC) (inflammation, plaque rupture, thrombosis, AAA, ASCVD, CHD, MI, DM, IR)
ASCVD results from arterial plaques that can harden or fracture, and potentially restrict blood flow to vital organs, including the heart or brain.
added the criterion of a 10-year risk of ASCVD exceeding 7.
Investigators terminated the influential JUPITER trial endorsing statins for primary prevention of ASCVD after (a median) 1.