ASCWAll-Star Championship Wrestling
ASCWAgent Supported Cooperative Work
ASCWAxial Spin Current Wave (type of Hartree-Fock wave function)
ASCWA Self Contained World (band)
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Abbreviations used are: ASC anterior semicircular canal; LSC lateral semicircular canal; PSC posterior semicircular canal; ASCl length of the ASC; ASCw width of the ASC; LSCl length of the LSC; LSCw width of the LSC; PSCl length of the PSC; PSCw width of the PSC; AAP angle between ASC and PSC; APA ampullar line, connecting the centres of the anterior and posterior ampullae, and projected onto the sagittal plane; ASC-R radius of curvature of the ASC; LSC-R radius of curvature of the LSC; PSC-R radius of curvature of the PSC; SLI sagittal labyrinthine index.
Donna Hurdle, PhD, ASCW, is assistant professor, School of Social Work, Arizona State University.
For the next twenty days, the company has been authorized by FINRA to trade with the symbol OCEED, which at the expiry of said twenty days will change to ASCW. Also by order of the court, new directors and officers have been appointed to ASC Biosciences, Inc.