ASCoRAmsterdam School of Communications Research
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LEX VAN MEURS (PhD, University of Amsterdam) is research manager at Intomart GfK in Hilversum, and part-time associate professor of communication in the Amsterdam School of Communications Research ASCoR, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Along with several other products, the 4600 was included in Astronics' recent acquisition of the Ascor switching product line from Giga-tronics.
ASCoR is also seen as very good, but there are several schools at that level, especially in the U.
While the days of manual scoring on paper targets are gone at this state- of- the- art range equipped with world- class Sius Ascor scoring, the huge number of entries means that the manual tabulation of the score print- outs takes a long time.
He is scientific director of the Amsterdam School of Communications Research ASCoR and president elect of the European Advertising Academy (EAA).
The company's latest ASCOR product line, including the 8000 Series RF signal switching solutions, 8800 RF and microwave modular platform, and the 8900 reconfigurable microwave switching chassis, will be on display.
The reason for this is the fact that the state- of- the- art Sius Ascor system at the rifle/ pistol ranges as well as the Laporte system at the shotgun ranges was installed by the companies' Indian subsidiaries.
Smit works as an associate professor in commercial communication at the University of Amsterdam and is a member of the Amsterdam School of communications Research ASCoR.
However, acquisitions - including ASTE (France), Harath Engineering Services Limited (UK), Masterpower Electronics Limited (UK), Cener (Spain), Ascor (Singapore) - together with strategic alliances with DB Power Electronics (India) have been key to the company's strategy of diversifying into newer regions, products and markets, adding to its services package and capabilities and realising its aim of becoming a total solutions provider.
Tenders are invited for Steel Stool With Back Rest To Ascor Model No: 630 / Srk Model No.
The rifle and pistol ranges are fitted with Sius Ascor equipment which was shipped to India free of cost," said an official source.