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Resulta clave visualizar que el estudio de un ecosistema, como busqueda de patrones en un area geografica establecida, esta determinado por un interes humano previo, que delimita arbitrariamente al territorio, y el sujeto que lo define se expresa en nombre de la naturaleza (Asdal, 2003).
Asdal K, Druglitro T and Hinchlifife S (forthcoming) Humans, Animals and Biopolitics.
They drew on Asdal's studies of Norwegian environmental politics and her emphasis on 'technologies of government'.
The property, based in Seef district, is owned by Saudi-based Asdal Hotels and operated by Gulf Hotels Group under a hotel management agreement.
Hans Radek, the general manager, said: "Asdal Gulf Inn redefines the world of luxury accommodation with service that is professional yet warm and instantly welcoming at a competitive four-star pricing."
* The Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians (ASDAL) will meet June 22-28 in Loma Linda, Calif.
Bill Asdal, of Asdal Builders, Chester, N.J., was chosen as the Remodeler Advocate of the Year;
Sewell, "Nature, Agency, and Anthropocentrism," American Historical Review online discussion forum, available at: (27 July 04); Steinberg, "Down to Earth." See also: Kristin Asdal, "The Problematic Nature of Nature: The Post-Constructivist Challenge to Environmental History," History and Theory, 42 (2003), pp.60-74; William Cronon, (ed.), Uncommon Ground: Rethinking the Human Place in Nature (New York, 1995).
All of the children were members of the extended Al Asdal family.
He met GHG chief executive Garfield Jones and Gulf Hotel general manager Fares Yactine, The K Hotel general manager Volker Mandlowsky and Asdal Gulf Inn general manager Hussain Al Samaheji.
Although a part of The Asdal Gulf Inn, the restaurant has its own entrance off the car park, and has the feel of a traditional homely tavern with pictures, decor and delightful displays of colourful pasta to put diners in the mood.