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If the workers win the tribunal, Asda could have to pay out around pounds 1m.
APERSISTENT thief has been banned from every Asda supermarket in Northumberland.
In an effort to create high footfall through its stores, Asda is giving away milk and bread to anyone producing a Kwik Save bag or receipt in one of its stores.
After pleading guilty in Preston to robbing four Asdas and the Forton motorway services in Lancashire, McQueen tried to avoid jail.
And yesterday, she dropped in at Asda's South Bank store.
SINNER The Healthy Choice Tuna and Cucumber sandwich from Asdas 315 calories.
'The supermarkets have been playing around with opticians for about 30 years and we were in 20 Asdas ourselves,' he said.
There is no need to subsidise the Safeways and Asdas of this world - they can afford to pay - but if small businesses can't afford to pay the minimum wage, we should subsidise it.
"It is the effect on those trying to run small businesses, not the Asdas and Sainsburys of this world, and not the manufacturers who still sell their cigarettes."
Here was a store that put our own Asdas, Tescos and Safeways et al to shame but, sadly, the same could not be said of the staff.