ASDECAssociation Sénégalaise pour la Défense de l'Environnement et des Consommateurs (French: Senegalese Association for the Defense of the Environment and Consumers)
ASDECAssistance Service Dog Educational Center (Woodlake, CA)
ASDECApplied Systems Development & Evaluation Center
ASDECAssociation Solidarité pour le Développement l'Education et la Culture
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ASDEC is a business built on the expertise of the University of Leicester in 3D laser vibrometry and modal analysis.
ASDEC employs the newest and most effective way of measuring vibration, laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV).
Terry Spall, commercial director at MIRA Technology Park, said: "As our rst university collaboration at MIRA Technology Park, we are looking forward to bridging academic excellence with cutting edge, commercial innovation with the ASDEC facility.
Asdec received help from the Rover Taskforce to cushion the blow of the lost Rover work, with the company accessing the wage replacement scheme which meant it did not have to lose any staff.
Asdec and its sister companies MHL Automotive - which supplies consumables such as tapes and aerosols - and Electroflock, a maker of flockcoated glove boxes, have diversified.
Another major benefit, he argues, is greater resolution, as ASDEC's fully automatic 3D scanning LDV is manoeuvrable with a robot, allowing the measurement of very large volumes of data points.
At ASDEC, time to market can be significantly reduced.
Additionally, Asdec can utilise robot-controlled placement of the system to fully track a curved surface.
"The capability of 3D full surface strain mapping on curved surfaces to obtain detailed maps of component stresses and strains under dynamic load conditions will be extremely interesting to engineers, particularly in the aerospace field where durability of components such as turbine blades is a critical concern, says Asdec General Manager Tim Stubbs.
(Above) Eric Pickles at MIRA Technology Park and the latest technology used at the site's new ASDEC facility, which is the first of it's kind in the UK
Asdec can fully track a curved surface by using robotic specimen placement.
The ASDEC works using three robot-mounted laser scanners, which make noncontact vibration measurements of a surface, thus measuring anything from small components to whole vehicles.