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ASDFAir Self Defense Force
ASDFAnother System Definition Facility
ASDFAlaska State Defense Force
ASDFAlabama State Defense Force
ASDFAfrican Script Development Fund (Zimbabwe)
ASDFAssociation of Synchronous Data Formats
ASDFAverage Square Difference Function
ASDFArgentine Schools' Debating Federation
ASDFAdvanced Solution Development Framework
ASDFAngry, Sullen, Depressed and Frustrated
ASDFASEAN Social Development Fund
ASDFAverage Summer Daily Flow
ASDFAction Squad Detective Force
ASDFAtom Solutions Demo Fasteners
ASDFAlternating Synchronous Double Fire (fuel injection control, two firings per engine cycle)
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The research will enclose the variety of ASDF missions in a combined manner, with particular emphasis on the air defense identification zone unilaterally declared by China.
The total number of ASDF scrambles against foreign aircraft rose by 45 to 335 in the period.
But opposition parties had persistently challenged the government, arguing the ASDF mission was focusing on transporting U.
While explaining that Japan decided in late March on a bill to extend for two years the ASDF deployment, Abe will ask the Kuwaiti leaders for continued cooperation in the ASDF operations there, Japanese officials said.
The sources said the study concluded it is doubtful that the envisioned air raids would be effective because the ASDF lacks tankers for airborne refueling, the latest electronic-warfare-capable aircraft, and detailed information on the North Korean missile base.
Overall, ASDF airplanes were scrambled 209 times from April to September as a precaution against approaching foreign aircraft, the highest number in 10 years, the ministry said.
Earlier in April last year, Tamogami also mocked a ruling by the Nagoya High Court that the ASDF mission in Iraq was unconstitutional, borrowing a popular comedian's signature phrase ''Sonna no kankei nee'' (That doesn't matter) at a press conference while he was still in the top post of the ASDF.
The top ASDF commander also said the soldiers were carrying light firearms, such as rifles.
The ASDF resumed using the F-15s at six bases without having them carry exterior fuel tanks under their wings, but continued their grounding at the Komatsu Air Base, to which the F-15 involved in the accident belongs, due to a lack of approval by local municipalities.
Tamogami, 60, was relieved of his duties as ASDF chief of staff on Oct.
A 200-member ASDF contingent, meanwhile, is airlifting humanitarian goods for Iraqis and supplies for U.
But many officials within the agency continue to show strong support for the company's T-7, saying they believe the prototype offered by Fuji Heavy Industries is the most suitable for the ASDF training program, the agency sources said.