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ASDICAssociation of Ex-Service Drop-In Centres (UK)
ASDICArmed Services Documents Intelligence Center
ASDICUnknown: possibly Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee; Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee; or Anti-Submarine Division-ics (sonar)
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ASDIC and SONAR are both abbreviations for what sort of systems?
ATS general duties and auxiliary officers, military: clerical, writers and assistants Engineers Building and engineering apprentices Professionals Nurses, student nurses and dental students Drivers ATS drivers and military lorry drivers Operators ATS: height takers, spotters, & kine theodol operators, military, Asdic, radar and naval operators, naval coders, radar, wireless, teleprinter and switchboard operators, cipher operators, air traffic controllers Skilled Electricians (military and civilian).
Many know that ANZAC is the "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps," but who knows that ASDIC is the "Antisubmarine Detection Investigation Committee." Is "ASDIC" useful?)
Shortly thereafter, the remaining officers appeared and took over their various stations--Scott on the gun, Fenwick on navigation in the wheelhouse, and Lawrence on the ASDIC (Sonar).
Britain's best hope against Germany's submarines early on was ASDIC, an underwater detection device similar to American sonar whose name probably derived from the initials of "anti-submarine division" with ic, meaning "of or related to," tacked to the end.
These were used alongside radar and the improved Asdic equipment to more efficiently detect U-boats.
The primary tactical "enablers" were radar and visual search by ships and aircraft, and early sonar (American) or asdic (British) acoustic sensors on surface ships.