ASDISAutomated Sample Data Instrumentation System
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Although not every conspicuous incident is of criminal nature, ASDIS evaluates all occurrences automated and intelligent.
The products of ASDIS can be easily integrated into your existing system.
ASDIS Solutions proposes software solutions for the administration of IT in complex IT landscapes.
As part of the deal, Auconet acquired private equity firm Ventura Management's stake in ASDIS, it explained, without providing financial details.
The company's CEO, Frank Winter further explained that after its long-standing strategic collaboration with ASDIS, his business can now provide the combined solution that will enhance its position as a top player in next-generation ITOM.
High availability of the IT infrastructure is still the focus of ASDIS software.
With the help of advanced scanning technology ASDIS recognizes existing software and transforms it into a manageable unit - without using thirdparty software.