ASDMArizona-Sonora Desert Museum
ASDMAdaptive Security Device Manager
ASDMAirbag System Diagnostic Module
ASDMAir Bag System Diagnostic Module
ASDMAdvanced Surgical Design and Manufacture (Australia)
ASDMAssociation of South Dakota Museums
ASDMAustralian Surgical Design Manufacture Pty Ltd.
ASDMAdopt-a-Shelter Dog Month (ASPCA)
ASDMAssociation Suisse des Délégués Médicaux
ASDMACTG Symptoms Distress Module (AIDS Clinical Trial Group)
ASDMALMA Science Data Model (Atacama Large Millimeter Array)
ASDMAutomotive Steel Design Manual
ASDMApplication Services Delivery Manager
ASDMA Salto de Mata (Spain)
ASDMAutomated System Design Methodology
ASDMasynchronous sigma-delta modulator
ASDMAutomated Solderability Dipping Machine
ASDMAdult Spiritual Development Ministry
ASDMAuto Shutdown Manager (software)
ASDMAdvanced Semiconductor Devices and Microsystems
ASDMAsperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments (book)
ASDMAsset, Service and Demand Management
ASDMAssociation des Syndicats de Distribution et de Maintenance des Matériels (Paris, France)
ASDMAcquired Symmetrical Dermal Melanocytosis (pigmentary disorder)
ASDMAutomated Software Development Methodology
ASDMantisymmetric dispersion-managed
ASDMArchitectural and Site Design Manual
ASDMAnlegerschutzverein Deutscher Makler für AMIS-Kunden eV (Germany)
ASDMAsuransi Dayin Mitra, PT (Jakarta, Indonesia)
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In 1999, more than 1,000 designers and engineers referred to the ASDM to make materials, design and manufacturing decisions.
The CARS software program, an electronic derivative of the ASDM, is now even more user-friendly and features expanded analysis capabilities.
Material Archive Program (MAP): updated ASDM Archive with materials and
In addition, add-on modules such as Autoloader, Agent for Microsoft SQL Server, Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server, NetWare Agent, Open File Manager Option, Oracle Agent, Seagate Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option, Seagate Replication Exec and IBM ASDM Option are available.
Add-on modules such as Seagate Storage Resource Manager, Seagate Backup Exec Media Mirror Option, Seagate Backup Exec Storage Migration Option, Autoloader, Agent for Microsoft SQL Server, Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server, NetWare Agent, Open File Manager Option, and IBM ASDM Option are also available.
1 contains all the information in Update 4 of the ASDM, plus many operating enhancements.
One other AISI activity not being handled as an ASPP program is a pilot educational program at GMI that is developing college level engineering course materials based on the ASDM.