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ASDMArizona-Sonora Desert Museum
ASDMAdaptive Security Device Manager
ASDMAsuransi Dayin Mitra, PT (Jakarta, Indonesia)
ASDMA Semantic Data Model (software engineering)
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ASDMAirbag System Diagnostic Module
ASDMAir Bag System Diagnostic Module
ASDMAdvanced Surgical Design and Manufacture (Australia)
ASDMAssociation of South Dakota Museums
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ASDMAssociation Suisse des Délégués Médicaux
ASDMACTG Symptoms Distress Module (AIDS Clinical Trial Group)
ASDMAdopt-a-Shelter Dog Month (ASPCA)
ASDMALMA Science Data Model (Atacama Large Millimeter Array)
ASDMApplication Services Delivery Manager
ASDMAutomotive Steel Design Manual
ASDMA Salto de Mata (Spain)
ASDMAutomated System Design Methodology
ASDMasynchronous sigma-delta modulator
ASDMAutomated Solderability Dipping Machine
ASDMAdult Spiritual Development Ministry
ASDMAuto Shutdown Manager (software)
ASDMAdvanced Semiconductor Devices and Microsystems
ASDMAsset, Service and Demand Management
ASDMAsperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments (book)
ASDMAssociation des Syndicats de Distribution et de Maintenance des Matériels (Paris, France)
ASDMAcquired Symmetrical Dermal Melanocytosis (pigmentary disorder)
ASDMAutomated Software Development Methodology
ASDMArchitectural and Site Design Manual
ASDMantisymmetric dispersion-managed
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ASDM noises w are mainly caused by the noises of time and angle of arrival measurement.
The results of ADME in Figure 4 show that the distance measurements calculated by the ASDM are closest to the actual distance from the vehicle to the transponders, the time difference [absolute value of [[epsilon].sub.1]] will simultaneously grow with [v.sub.r] increasing, and the error of the proposed approach is less than both the RTR and SL-STTS methods, while the ASDM method is less affected, which shows that the ASDM approach can deal with the single-way ranging measurements stably.
This means that ASDM used in EEG should be transposable to MEG signals.
The need for an "automatic spindle detection method" (ASDM) is linked to the increase in interest for sleep spindles and the ever increasing amount of digital data to be analyzed.
However, Infante and his colleagues formulated the ASDM within the context of a specific dyad (the intimate relationship between a husband and a wife) and a specific problem (arguments over controversial topics that could trigger interspousal violence) (Infante et al., 1989), but the researchers also offered ASDM as a solution for one specific type of aggression--reactive aggression--marked by the need for each person in the dyad to assume an "attack-and-defend" position as each retaliates against the other until the chain of reciprocity spirals out of control ("aggressiveness begets aggressiveness," "verbal aggression begets verbal aggression": Infante, 1988; Rancer & Avtgis, 2006; Wigley, 1998).
To address this issue, we have amplified and genotyped eight microsatellite loci in all individuals from the captive breeding colony at the ASDM in 2004.
varius maintained at ASDM from the years 1993 (n = 63) and 2004 (n = 38).
Accordingly, the ASDM can be formulated as a rational function: