ASDNAlaska Staff Development Network (Douglas, AK)
ASDNAgile Supply Demand Networks
ASDNAdditional Skills Dental Nurse
ASDNAtomic Scale Design Network
ASDNAdd-On Services Digital Network
ASDNAmeritech Switched Data Network
ASDNAristotle Spam Defense Network (Arkansas)
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Therefore, the US-ARAF G-4 decided to use SDDC's USC contract for sealift only and the ASDN contract for customs facilitation, inland movement, and materials-handling equipment at the exercise site.
This made customs clearance and onward movement more complex, but through the use of the ASDN contract and local contractors, the movement was seamless.
One method in particular, the Book of Tickets (BOT), reduces the time it takes cargo to reach the end user by using pre-negotiated ASDN contracts.
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11 May 2018 - California, US-based autonomous, unmanned and manned flying vehicles developer Astro Aerospace (OTCQB: ASDN) has acquired the assets to Switzerland-based VTOL designer and manufacturer Passenger Drone, the company said.
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These acquisitions are a continuation of SSW's roll-up strategy whereby BorderNET's operations will be integrated into the existing Australian business (Skymesh) and NextNet and ASDN will be integrated into SSW's existing Norwegian hub (Breiband).
Hose, Discharge 2-1/2 Inch Diameter, 30 Feet, Blue Polyvinyl And Black Tube With Two Fiber-Reinforced Spiral Plies Asdn One Logitudinal Ply.