ASDOAir Services Development Office (various locations)
ASDOAdministering a Small Disaster Operation (American Red Cross)
ASDOAdmissions and Student Data Office (University of Southampton; UK)
ASDOAssistant Staff Duty Officer
ASDOAssistant Squadron Duty Officer
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With the ASDO partnership, the combined services will now include corporate and brand strategies, pre/post-launch commercialization solutions including market opportunity assessment, pricing, and reimbursement.
We are delighted to be working with ASDO," said Krishnan Nandabalan, CEO and co-founder of BioXcel.
Hovan Asdourian, CEO and Principal Consultant of ASDO, commented, "This is a great synergistic relationship for our two companies.
When I asked who it was, the SDO said it was one of our AD3s, the same one who was the ASDO the night of my ORM lecture and, thus, the only person who hadn't attended.
I have the ASDO from Weapons Test Squadron on the phone, and he has his ODO on another phone from home.