ASDOHArizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (Mesa, Arizona)
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Since the DENV-3 outbreak in 2015, ASDOH has used electronic arboviral disease surveillance on the island of Tutuila, which helped identify the apparent index patient in the most recent outbreak and stimulated a public health response.
The students have a high allegiance to Jack and their professors and have become passionate ambassadors to the mission of ASDOH.
To illustrate how ASDOH embodies the "right stuff;" the first lecture on the first day of classes is devoted to ethics.
Still ASDOH, portfolios at the UMKC-SOD are only one piece of the total assessment strategy.
Still ASDOH, UMKC-SOD dental hygiene and predoctoral students are introduced to portfolio assessment during their orientation to dental school.
Establishing a timeline for discontinuing screening of asymptomatic pregnant women allows ASDoH to allocate resources appropriately toward early interventions for children and families affected by Zika virus.
To establish laboratory capabilities, ASDoH collaborated with the Pacific Island Health Officer Association, the Hawaii Department of Health, and CDC.