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ASEANAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations
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After mentioning technology companies in ASEAN such as SEA, Grab, GoJek and Tokopedia, he added, "They are excellent examples to prove that the digitalization wave is already in ASEAN and businesses would have to look at how to adopt, adapt and advance.
Mahbubani draws on his considerable experience as one of Singapore's foremost diplomats to deliver a hard-hitting analysis highlighting how major powers such the United States, China, Japan and India could have done better in dealing with ASEAN.
ASEAN Entrepreneurs Day will reinforce AirAsia's commitment to ASEAN entrepreneurs by providing them with a forum to learn from the best startups in the region and a platform to develop and market their businesses, starting with Indonesian actor, host and VJ Daniel Mananta's "Damn
Pakistan's Co-Chair highlighted the importance Pakistan attached to its relations with ASEAN and reaffirmed Pakistan's commitment to further deepen and strengthen its engagement with the organization.
It includes: the preference of a low level of institutionalization (no ASEAN Secretariat during the first ten years of ASEAN; no new entities outside of the ASEAN Secretariat except for the ASEAN Regional Forum; the ASEAN Plus Three or the East Asia Summit); quiet diplomacy; emphasis on the positive (including no naming or shaming of any member government in public); more flexibility for newcomers (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam); and equal contribution to the annual budget of the ASEAN Secretariat.
The leaders decided that ASEAN member states and ASEAN organs and bodies shall implement the ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together in a timely and effective manner, in accordance with the purposes and principles of the ASEAN Charter.
The activity kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony which formally opened an ASEAN exhibit featuring famous landmarks of ASEAN Member States.
The Best ASEAN Travel Article was won by Malaysia for 'Seeking Sanctuary at the Land of Below the Wind' and the Best ASEAN Marketing and Promotional Program went to Singapore for 'Singapore Airlines Safety Video'.
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kim believes Korea and ASEAN can be close strategic partners because Korea has rich experience and capital, while ASEAN has high growth potential with vast markets.
In May 2014, three new ASEAN indices with FTSE were introduced bringing more ASEAN tradable opportunities for investors and to enhance liquidity among the Exchanges.
ASEAN and China have witnessed enhanced political mutual trust, deepened economic integration, more frequent people-to-people exchanges and accelerated ASEAN-China connectivity.