ASEHAssociation Suisse des Ecoles Hotelieres
ASEHAdvancing Sustainable Environmental Health (Water Aid; Bangladesh)
ASEHAcute Spinal Extradural Haematoma (neurosurgery)
ASEHAuthentic Sabahan Experiential Holidays (tourism)
ASEHAmerican Society for Environmental History (University of Washington; Tacoma, WA)
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5) Douglas Weiner, the most prominent practitioner of Russian environmental history, not only recently served as president of the ASEH but also expressed similar reservations about essentializing tendencies in environmentalism several years before the volume Uncommon Ground, edited by William Cronon, pushed environmental historians to be more critical in analyzing inherently contested meanings of nature.
As ASEH president, Weiner recently had the opportunity to comment on the state of the field: see his "A Death-Defying Attempt to Articulate a Coherent Definition of Environmental History," Environmental History 10, 3 (2005): 404-20.
ASEH membership figures are taken from McNeill, "Observations," p.