ASEHAmerican Society for Environmental History (University of Washington; Tacoma, WA)
ASEHAuthentic Sabahan Experiential Holidays (tourism)
ASEHAssociation Suisse des Ecoles Hotelieres
ASEHAdvancing Sustainable Environmental Health (Water Aid; Bangladesh)
ASEHAcute Spinal Extradural Haematoma (neurosurgery)
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Furthermore, the very distinction within Jewish law between theoretical law (halakha) and law in practice (halakha le-ma'aseh), as exemplified in this case, can itself enrich and inform the current legal discourse, particularly in the context of American legal realism, pertaining to the distinction between written law and the law in practice.
As ASEH president, Weiner recently had the opportunity to comment on the state of the field: see his "A Death-Defying Attempt to Articulate a Coherent Definition of Environmental History," Environmental History 10, 3 (2005): 404-20.
ASEH membership figures are taken from McNeill, "Observations," p.11; ESEH membership figures are taken from the society's website: (01 Feb.
(23) Uga, "Burma/Myanmar: Environmental History and Conservation Biology in a Sequestered Land," presentation at the American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) (Victoria, Canada, 31 March-1 April 2004).
Besides the obvious male-oriented mitzvot like circumcision or redeeming a first-born son, there is another category of ritual obligations that, according to the Mishnah, women were not obligated to perform--mitzvot aseh she-hazeman grama, usually translated as "time-bound positive commandments." These mitzvot must be done at a certain time, and the Mishnah lists several examples.
Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry Secretary General Aseh Che Mat, who chaired the meeting, said the 10 ASEAN members have agreed to exchange information on relevant laws in their respective countries.
The apotropaic character of Adam's circles finds its closest analogue in Ma[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] aseh Merkavah [ss]11, where the adept seeking to consult the angelic Sar sel Torah is admonished: wy[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]sh 1w [CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]wgh [b[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]rs] wy[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]mwd bh kdy sl[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ybw[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]w hmzyqyn wydmw 1w kml[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]kym wyhrgwhw "and he (the adept) shall make for himself a circle [on the ground] and remain within it, so that the demons might not come, appearing to him as (if they were) angels, and kill him." Text cited from the edition of G.
"Multimedia at School: A Challenge for Teachers, Self-Monitoring for Students." Ma aseh Hoshev (IPAI) 22, 1:38-41.
Singapore: Fitch Ratings has assigned ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd.'s (ASEH) a first-time Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of 'BBB'.
Hosting the event were Socso chairman, Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat, and chief executive officer, Datuk Seri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed.
The memorandum was signed by mayor Kubanychbek Kulmatov and Putrajaya mayor Aseh Bin Che Mat.
"In Pursuit of a Maiden"--The Law in Practice (halakha le-ma'aseh)