ASEIAmerican Society of Engineers of Indian Origin
ASEIAssociation of Stock Exchange Issuers (Poland)
ASEIAnion Selective Exhaustive Injection (chemistry)
ASEIApplication Service Element Invocation
ASEIAmerican Science and Engineering, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
ASEIAustralian Student Environment Network
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With continuing development of economic relations between Japan and Indonesia, ASEI and NEXI, as state-owned Export Credit Agencies, have taken an active role in improving the trade climate for Japanese companies through the ASEI - NEXI Export Credit Insurance and Domestic Credit Insurance programs.
With this insurance program, through a cooperative agreement between ASEI and NEXI, NEXI provides reinsurance for transactions covered by ASEI, so Japanese companies operating in Indonesia will become able to engage in larger transactions by using ASEIs insurance.
The ASEI also includes establishment of a knowledge platform, the Asia Solar Energy Forum, and a fund to promote solar energy development from which, given its potential, India is expected to be among the major beneficiaries.
Based on the lessons learned from ASEI, knowledge management is the key element to catalyzing the region's solar market growth potential by triggering innovation, efficiency improvements, and eventually consolidating solar energy as the main ingredient of regional transformation from a carbon-based towards a renewable energy-based society.
In consultation with the Governments of Bangladesh and Nepal, and in line with ASEI objectives, ADB proposes a sub-regional technical assistance (TA) to showcase
ASEI shares will begin trading under the NASDAQ Global Select Market on January 2, 2008.
ASEI had 2006 revenues of approximately $12 million, and if ASEI had been part of Comfort Systems in 2006 we believe it would have contributed earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of at least $1 million.
ASEI has an outstanding reputation for service excellence in the Tacoma and Seattle area, and with a strong technical workforce and team-based culture we expect ASEI to continue to grow and excel.
Supply of electricity to all the institutions of ASEI.
Providing a software solution in terms of management of internal evaluation and quality management system for the APF, of ADAPT and ASEI.
This contract is for long term rental, servicing and maintenance of vehicles equipped to transport disabled persons (TPMR) for institutions ASEI concerned as well as the realization of benefits associated services.
This consultation concerns firstly outsourcing of IT resources ASEI (excluding servers, printing equipment, scanners and fax) and associated services (delivery, : installation, configuration, documentation, training, preventive and corrective maintenance, asset tracking, and removal and disposal of materials).