ASEKAircrew Survival Egress Knife (weaponry; US Army)
ASEKA Spooky Electric Kaleidoscope
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[46] Swedish Transport Administration, Analysmetod och samhallsekonomiska kalkylvarden for transportsektorn: ASEK 6.0, Trafikverket, Borlange, Sweden.
Because the PSGC was not originally designed for the ASEK, where you mount it matters.
* Place the ASEK on your PSGC following the info in the new Steps 5 and 6.
ALSE techs, in PS 641 (Apr 06) we gave you the approved aircrew survival egress knife (ASEK) NSNs for your air warrior survival gear.
Now you have another choice of knives for your gear with the new approved universal camouflage ASEK knife system.
Meanwhile, Asek Company for Mining - Ascom, Ezz Steel, and Natural Gas & Mining Project (Egypt Gas) were top losers of the session by 3.59 percent, 3.29 percent, and 3.23 percent, respectively.
ALSE techs, although there are many brands of ASEK knives, you're only authorized to carry the knife approved by PM Air Warrior.
If you've been ordering an ASEK knife, NSN 1095-12-361-3908, that looks like the one below, stop!
Asek Company for Mining - Ascom, Orascom Investment Holding, and Alexandria National Company for Financial Investment were top gainers of the session by 9.20 percent, 8.21 percent and 8.12 percent, respectively.
Meanwhile, Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad), Global Telecom Holding, and Asek Company for Mining -- Ascom were top losers of the session by 7.22 percent, 4.88 percent, and 3.44 percent, respectively.
On the other hand, Suez Canal Bank, Asek Company for Mining- Ascom, and Citadel Capital - Common Shares were top losers of the session by 4.35 percent, 3.67 percent and 3.63 percent, respectively.
Qatar National Bank Alahly, Asek Company for Mining - Ascom, and GB AUTO were top gainers of the session by 6.65 percent, 5.64 percent and 5.24 percent, respectively.