ASETFAir and Space Expeditionary Task Force (USAF)
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Air Force doctrine directs the creation of an ASETF as the air component of a JTF.
The commander of the Air Expeditionary Group (AEG), or Air Expeditionary Wing (AEW), will require an EOC in order to fight the group or wing and link to the AOC--the ASETF's C2 center.
Logistics and C2 expansion alone will not complete the ASETF structure.
* The canonical ASETF: 12 each of F-l5Es, F-I5Cs, and F16CJs, for a small, balanced package of capability
As it stood during research reported here, EAF denoted the overall operational concept, AEFs were the ten subdivisions of Air Force forces (two of which are on call at a time), and ASETF was used for whatever force was actually being deployed.