ASETTArizona State Environmental Technology Training (Pima Community College)
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(Organizadores), ASETT, EATWOT, Sao Paulo: Paulinas, 2008.
Between June 2008 and June 2009, 108 children under the age of five arrived in WA as humanitarian entrants (ASeTTS, 2010).
Using the framework of social capital, this project explored the role of the It Takes a Village Multicultural Learning Program (ITaV) in supporting the migrant and newly arrived humanitarian entrant families in the south-east corridor of the metropolitan area of Perth, where the majority of humanitarian entrants coming to WA settle (ASeTTS, 2010).
Major German cities decided not to privatize electricity generating companies back in 1990 while many countries in developed world are following their model after failing to achieve goals by selling asetts to private sector.
Anderson, "Working with Refugee Communities to Build Collective Resilience" (ASeTTS Occasional Paper 2, ISBN 1 74067 587 8), http://asetts.vacau .com/Documents/collectiveresilenceweb.pdf.
Both mother and daughters are on the books of the Asetts Modelling Agency.