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The first meeting was held at the Bethel union Church and was attended by the leaders Sit Moon, Yap Ten Siau (Yap Ten Chiu), Goo Kim (also referred to as Goo Kam, Goo Kim Fook, Goo Kam Hui, and Ku Chin), and Luke Aseu. (16) (Luke was a Christian name; Young Seu was his given name; Chang, the local Chinese romanization of Cheng, was his family name.)
Thirty-six Chinese Christians, both men and women, led by Luke Aseu, Goo Kim, Ho Fon, Sit Moon, Yap See Young, and Joseph Ten Chiu Yap, organized the Fort Street Chinese Church, later called the First Chinese Church, in 1879.
With the help of many Chinese Christians (namely Luke Aseu Chang and Yap See Young), the Reverend Woo Yee Bew, who worked among the Chinese in Kohala and had established the St.