ASFFAesthetica Short Film Festival (UK)
ASFFAfghanistan Security Forces Fund (US DoD)
ASFFAlberta School Foundation Fund (est. 1994; Canada)
ASFFAustralian School of Fine Furniture (Tasmania, Australia)
ASFFAerated Submerged Fixed Film
ASFFAustralian Science Fiction Foundation
ASFFAspie Sight Film Festival (Asperger's Syndrome)
ASFFAsperger's Syndrome Family and Friends
ASFFAerated Stationary or Submerged Fixed-Film
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The ASFF office, a new three-storey building emblazoned with huge images of ASF's upcoming real estate projects, overlooks the Karachi airport tarmac very befitting given ASF's actual, mandated role.
The largest expenditure was for sustainment, totalling 44 per cent (over $26 billions) of all ASFF disbursements.
(12) Department of Defense, "Justification for FY 2015 Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF), June 2014, p.
RCs, RSCs, and Headquarter Directorates and any other organizations using ASFF are required to ensure effective contract execution and surveillance by assigning an adequate number of trained contracting officer representatives (CORs) to conduct hands-on audits measuring contractor performance.
Additionally, supplemental funds such as ASFF are not used exclusively
* Requires a quarterly report on the use of ASFF, Iraq Security Forces Fund (ISFF), and Pakistan Counterinsurgency Fund (PCF).
The ASFF uses an integrated database of the physical economy in Australia from 1941 to 2001 and can be used to explore long-term (50-100 years) issues.
There was one particular process that seemed to be very difficult to comply with, even for some senior leaders at the camp: the ASFF Requirements and Resourcing Validation Process, or AR2VP.
* Authorizes the FY 2008 appropriation of $3,000,000,000 for the Iraq Security Forces Fund (ISFF) and $2,700,000,000 for the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF).
The SAO-A Local Acquisition Office is at the forefront of implementing the Afghan First Policy while executing over $350 million in FY10 DoD Afghanistan Security Forces Funds (ASFF) to outfit and sustain the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF), which comprise units of the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) and Afghanistan National Police (ANP).