ASFINAGAutobahnen- und Schnellstrassen- finanzierungs- aktiengesellschaft (German)
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ASFiNAG wished to procure CEN DSRC - Multilane Freeflow Roadside Systems consisting of tolls and enforcement components with associated data concentrators ie proxy server, or autonomous systems consisting of GNSS OBE including enforcement components and associated data concentrators.
With the proceeds Asfinag envisages refinancing its liabilities and financing its investment programme.
services in the form of project support for the central location of asfinag in vienna.
For refinancing purposes Asfinag placed a EUR 1 billion (USD 1.479bn) bond in June 2009.
identity management platform for the customer data of all asfinag services (, Digital vignette and apps).
The inventory data of the ASFINAG buildings are to be collected and then a deficit analysis of the documents has to be prepared.
Contract notice: The contract Includes the technical replacement of site based on a new CMS technology.
Address : Asfinag Autobahnen- Und Schnellstraen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft
Gem ASFINAG Bauprogramm werden auf der S36 Murtal Schnellstrae, im Abschnitt Feistritz Zeltweg Ost, km 12 603 km 23 626, RFB Scheifling, im Jahr 2018/2019 umfangreiche Fahrbahn- und Brckeninstandsetzungen durchgefhrt.