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ASGPAssociation of State Green Parties
ASGPA Small Garlic Press
ASGPAssociation for the Study of German Politics
ASGPAlaska Space Grant Program
ASGPAssociation des Secrétaires Généraux des Parlements
ASGPAction Solidarité Grand Plateau
ASGPAvionics Single Ground Point
ASGPAssociation Sportive des Grandes Plaines
ASGPAerobic Suspended Growth Process
ASGPAmerican School Gymnastic Programs LLC
ASGPAll-Star Gaming Pro
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At an ASGP symposium I spoke at in May 2010, I asked the question, "Do Alaskans think NASA is unreachable?
Abbreviations: ABI = ankle-brachial index, ASGP = ambulatory strain-gage plethysmography, BMI = body mass index, OBP = orthostatic blood pressure, RF = radio frequency.
ASGP, on the other hand, refused to criticize the German Greens.
Nineteen subjects underwent ASGP testing, and eight had venous insufficiency.
When the ASGP refused to negotiate unity seriously, several GPUSA members decided to support the "Boston Proposal," which would dismantle the GPUSA and create a Green Party modeled after the Democrats and Republicans.
The ASGP and the GPUSA groups both desire the same fundamental changes in our beliefs and actions as a nation and as a people.
Hiding behind Nader's name, ASGP supporters authored the Boston Proposal that would have replaced G/GPUSA's national status with its own.
The other half thought that a move to renegotiate would make the ASGP look bad if they didn't take us up.
The next proposal was the "proposal for genuine unity" which rejected the Boston Proposal and called for new negotiations to begin with ASGP which would not thrust the two groups together but would encourage that joint projects be undertaken as a way of growing together.
The State Committee elected representatives to ASGP (always a function of the Assembly) and proceeded to make bylaw and platform changes.
The Accreditation Committee recommended and the Coordinating Committee (CC) accepted the applications of Idaho and Maryland to join the ASGP.
I am taking the time to clarify some things because I am quite appalled with some of the reports that have come from antagonists, such as the word from the ASGP convention that the Greens are one united party.