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The files containing coordinates (CRD) and tropospheric parameters (TRO) obtained from the ASGU, ASGR and ASGF solutions (here also SINEX files) are archived.
The transaction includes a provision to supply pharmaceuticals to ASGR over the next five years.
Moreover, an apospory-specific genomic region (ASGR) with restricted genetic recombination has been identified in Pennisetum hybrids (Ozias-Akins et al., 1998).
The data showed that as little as 0.03 mg/kg of recombinant ApoE was able to fully restore the activity of an siRNA formulated in an iLNP; and,aA alternatively, in the same ApoE knockout model, silencing activity was found to be restored by the use of an exogenous GalNAc ligand that targets the iLNP to the asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGR) expressed on hepatocytes, with as little as 0.15 mole% GalNAc ligand being sufficient to give near maximal activity.